A designer for interfaces, apps, systems, brand identities & social campaigns, leveraging research + visually-impactful strategies for storytelling / effective problem-solving.



Case Study | Mobile App | B2B

Increasing Inclusion and Connectivity in the Workplace through AI-Enhanced Social Dining for Meta

Intern @JamCity

Intern Projects | Game Industry | B2C

Envisioned end-to-end user flows and defined interfaces for new and existing features


Speculative Design | Design Systems | B2B

A Sustainable Packaging System for Hotels to Reduce Single-Use Travel-Size Waste


Case Study | Mobile App

Enhancing Security, Diversity, and User Experience in the NFT Marketplace


Service Design | Mobile + Web | B2C

Revolutionizing Bike-Sharing with Safety, Fitness, and Sustainable Technology


Mobile App | B2C

Building connections through music and creative expression for individuals with social anxiety


Boston, MA ✦ San Francisco, CA ✦ New York, NY

Viola is a UIUX designer currently based in New York. With a multicultural background that exposed her to various social issues, she developed social awareness and discovered her passion for interaction design, the most innovative and effective way to create opportunities benefiting all living species.

She's interested in exploring the potential value that AI and Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) could bring to innovative design. As the tech movement has fundamentally transformed our lives, she is committed to playing a meaningful role in this tech evolution by leveraging speculative design and human-centered implementations to navigate and influence the world, envisioning more inclusive, sustainable, considerate, and enjoyable ways for people to interact with one another.

She loves gradients, creative coding and enjoys tackling problems afflicting global communities and aspires to create social impact in her design practice.

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