Spring 2021 | 3 Months | Social Compaign

Soft propaganda is defined as the ability to achieve desired outcomes through attraction rather than coercion. People always recognize it as a powerful and effective mean to lead people’s thoughts. It becomes prevalent in the medium of our living environment today – mobile, newspaper, TV, book, education, etc. However, it’s actually a higher level of “brainwashing” even though people don’t feel it’s aggressive.

It’s called “soft” because it deliberately avoids telling an open lie, but simultaneously distorting the truth sometimes even more effectively but providing only selected info to affect the target on a subconscious level. People will feel what they think is based on their own judgment, not media’s manipulation. So I was going to dig into and expose its dark side in order to raise the awareness of rethinking the mental aggression and doubting info around us.


Social Issues
Visual Design
Art Direction

01. Problems

Mind Map
Visual Audit

03. Victim Research

03. Visual Language

04. Series I - Impacts

Based on victims, I designed the series of posters about the impacts of soft propaganda. I play with the typo and design elements to visualize the concept and how it subconsciously affects their thoughts. They will be placed in public places to convey the message that “we know less than we think we do.”

04. Series II - Techniques

Design Elements

Visual Metaphor

Brochure Visuals

Accordion Folds

Products: T-shirt, Sticker, Wristband


04. Series III - Manipulation

By taking the element from the info cube, I use gradient cords representing the info,and dolls representing the audience. In this case, we can see how the info gradually controls us with the evolution of AI (artificial intelligence), the nowadays primary medium of soft propaganda.


Manipulation Evolution